Hanley and the Baird

Hanley and Baird in backstage Hanley & the Baird are two Edinburgh singer/songwriters who are also the Musical Directors and founders of Sing in the City. They have played all over Scotland either in bands or solo, learning their craft from the bottom up. They are very versatile and can perform in a duo or with the complete band and then something that not every singer songwriter can pull out their sleeve, a complete choir that can perform covers or originals suitable for every setting and event.

The Band

Hanley & the Baird have worked together for 10 years and the band has had this line up for the last 3 years. Kirsty Baird & Annette Hanley are the writers of this band. They write together and on their own and are influenced by bands and writer such as The Pretenders, Neil Diamond, Blondie and Texas. They both led similiar musical lifes, working their way through Edinburgh and Scottish venues until they met in 2007 and collaborated together and never looked back. They have their songs in the sets at Sing in the City and sold out venues like the Edinburgh Festival Theatre and Usher Hall.

Aw Blacks

Kirsty Baird started Sing in the City in 2010 with a group of singers that came from the council run ‘singing for classes’. This choir was first known as the ‘Performance Choir’ and then became the Aw Blacks later on. It is the only auditioned group at Sing in the City and the commitment and ambitions are a lot higher. They are a massively energetic vocal group and have performed with G4 and at the Edinburgh Festival, Festival Theatre and in theatres all over Scotland.