Join the KGB Group Guitar band

Funded by Chief Radio ( and Hanley and the Baird are the coaches at this guitar group. The girls donate a lot of time to charity and community and having an affordable guitar group for anyone to join at any…  Read more

90 Girls Go Live during the Pandemic

Hanley and the Baird could have just sat back, wrote new music, performed live gigs and charged for them but they didn't. Every Friday (and for a while a Monday too) they went to their Facebook page and did an…  Read more

Save our Official Scottish Chart, sign our petition.

One of the reasons Kirsty Baird set up Chief Radio was because she wanted a platform to feature and focus on the Scottish Chart.  It seemed nobody was playing it.  All the commercial stations in Scotland were playing the UK…  Read more

Looking at you, Looking at me – out now!

Hanley and the Baird have released their second single and it is available to download right now from iTunes, Amazon music and you can stream it on spotify. We would love this to chart again and for that to…  Read more

New Scottish Radio Station

Kirsty Baird through her toys out the pram when she couldn't get any of the commercial radio stations play the Hanley and the Baird single Follow the Rainbows. She was in good company though as there are a host of…  Read more

Chief Radio launching soon

Kirsty Baird, founded Chief Radio in May 2020. 'Hanley and the Baird' released the single, 'Follow the Rainbows' which went straight into the Scottish charts at No.3 and No.27 in the UK Download Charts.  The success of this was helped…  Read more

Acoustic Follow the Rainbows released to fund music, singing and art sessions

Some listeners suggested the acoustic version should be available as they were used to hearing it on the Hanley and the Baird Girls GO Live sessions. So it was released on the 29th May 2020 and the proceeds for this…  Read more

We need a bass player

We are an all female band looking for a bass player to join us. We are not your normal band in any way shape or form from the songs that we play to the venues we play in. Our first…  Read more

Follow the Rainbows No.3 Scottish Chart

Hanley and the Baird did in 10 days something that most bands and artists would do in 10 months. They wrote, recorded, produced and released a single online in 10 days with a budget of £150. With the power of…  Read more


FOLLOW THE RAINBOWS STV interviewed Kirsty Baird on the 26th April about Hanley and the Baird's top 40 single Follow the Rainbows that had been inspired by the members of Sing in the City and all the proceeds to the…  Read more