Hanley and the Baird

Hanley & the Baird are Edinburgh Singer / songwriters and the Musical Directors and founders of Sing in the City. They have played all over Scotland either in bands or solo, learning their craft from the bottom up.

They are very versatile and can perform in a duo or with the complete band and then something that not every singer songwriter can pull from out their sleeve, a complete choir that can perform covers or originals suitable for every setting and event.

Kirsty Baird 

Kirsty Baird started writing songs aged around 12. She won the two school song contests that she entered with maturely  arranged songs. She started to sing in bars in Leith aged 17 and that was the start of her lugging a van full of keyboards, guitars and amps (plus friends and family) around Scotland. She learned her trade by singing in working mens clubs, holiday camp, hotels and piano bars and this is where she crafted her ‘audience participation’ skills. Where most performers dread that drunk heckler, Kirsty embraces them (sometimes literally). She has a very early song on the Hibernian football CD that her Dad thinks is her defining moment, Kirsty may not agree.

Kirsty can also be hired as a Coach,  Motivational Speaker or host for any event.

Annette Hanley 

Late primary school was when Annette was first introduced to playing a musical instrument, and all being that it was predominantly classical music at school, Annette feels that classical music has given her great inspiration for writing melodies for her original material. She left school at 17 to get a proper job, realised at the age 24 that music was where she truly should be so went to music college. Original band ‘Stellar’ did well in the late 90s/early noughties playing all over Scotland. Annette then went solo for a while playing many pubs in and around Edinburgh before starting up ‘The Hanley Tree’ which played original and cover songs. Annette believes that music can and has saved her from the rocky moments that life throws at you. Musical influences in her life to name a few are Blondie, Pretenders, Fleetwood Mac, Dixie Chicks, Crowded House and of course Mozart.

Together Kirsty and Annette are a talented pair of girls who bounce of each other vocally and musicially. When they perform they own the stage and this is where they are truly at home.