90 Girls Go Live during the Pandemic

Hanley and the Baird could have just sat back, wrote new music, performed live gigs and charged for them but they didn’t. Every Friday (and for a while a Monday too) they went to their Facebook page and did an hours set at 19.00 every week. In 15 months they missed 2 Fridays, one was Christmas and the other Kirsty nearly poisoned the dog with chocolate cake and had to be rushed to the emergency vet.

They have stayed singing and performing for a couple of reasons.

  1. It’s what they do, they are working musicians and singer songwriters and what was the alternative? To spend the lockdown with no music. Not likely!
  2. They quickly identified that other people were struggling and social media kept people together easily and music repairs souls that were a little wounded.

There maybe others up and down the country that went live more or provided more music but we are guessing there won’t be many that gave up every Friday night, with no charge to sing and dance and have a carry on.

Where word fail, music heals.

Follow the girls on all social media as they prepare to get out and gig and get some new songs released.

90 Live sets of pandemic music