We need a bass player

We are an all female band looking for a bass player to join us. We are not your normal band in any way shape or form from the songs that we play to the venues we play in. Our first single we released went right into the Scottish charts at No 3 with no mainstream radio airplay. It was also at N27 in the UK charts. Check out Follow the Rainbows Our fanbase, community radio stations and sheer tenacity got us to that chart position.

Hanley and the Baird are the writers in the band and they are also the Directors for Sing in the City. So the band could be playing in 250 seater venue to a 2500 seater venue with a choir of around 300 singers or just as a 5 piece. We play covers and originals and are keen to build our fanbase, gig more frequently and our next single release is due by September and an album should be ready for Christmas.

We are looking for a versatile bass player to join our band. We need somebody who is sociable, likes rehearsing, loves gigging and can commit time to the band. The gigs are paid gigs but that shouldn’t be your reason for joining.

Please send a demo in to us and tell us a little about yourself and we can arrange an audition.