Follow the Rainbows No.3 Scottish Chart

Hanley and the Baird did in 10 days something that most bands and artists would do in 10 months. They wrote, recorded, produced and released a single online in 10 days with a budget of £150. With the power of Sing in the City, their friends, family, fanbase, community radio and a whole lot of tenacity, it charted at No.3 in the official Scottish Charts. It also went in at No.27 in the UK downloads.

On top of that, Follow the Rainbows managed this with no commercial radio play whatsoever! Independent and community radio stations got onboard up and down the country. The first play was by Ali Love on Cuillen FM based in Skye, Woolfy from Central FM gave the song a good plug and was the first to interview Kirsty. Slowly but surely 30 smaller stations were playing the song. The next break through came when BBC Radio Nan Gàidheal’s DJ Derek Pluto wanted to play the song. He liked it so much he played it twice back to back. His station is based on the Isle of Lewis, where our Drummer, Kerry Thomson’s family come from. The connection there has made the island incredibly interested in the band and the song

BBC Scotland did a really great news piece where they interviewed Kirsty and played the song in the background (fast forward to 1h hour 30 to listen

For the first 120 days of release Follow the Rainbows proceeds will go to SAMH and after that all proceeds with go Sing in the City Dreampot. Available to download on iTunes Amazon Music Google Play. It can be streamed and added to your Spotify playlists HERE

We have raised £5400 for SAMH already and this does not include downloads from the song. In ten years Sing in the City has raised £125,000 for charity and Kirsty was nominated as a Local hero by Edinburgh Rugby and It’s good to give this week.