Looking at you, Looking at me – out now!

Hanley and the Baird have released their second single and it is available to download right now from iTunes, Amazon music and you can stream it on spotify. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/id1539013750?app=itunes

We would love this to chart again and for that to happen we need our fans to buy it, download it and then stream the backside out the song.

Looking at me was written by Annette Hanley and Kirsty Baird in 2012 and has been performed at many shows and gigs and some of them are featured in the video that will be available on Monday 23rd November.

The song is all about earning the right to be performing on stages like the Usher Hall, Alhambra, Churchill theatre and the Festival theatre. Annette and Kirsty have played in bars, clubs and live music venues all their lives and are thankful for the training that those gigs gave them.

If you like the song, we would love you to buy it and help us chart

Their first single Follow the Rainbows charted at No.3 in the Scottish chart in April 2020 and it got to NO. 27 in the UK Downloads chart. It got one play by BBC Scotland and no commercial station would play as the band were unknown and unsigned. This resulted in Kirsty starting her own radio station on the 27th July. Chief Radio support Unsigned bands, play more Scottish Bands and music and have so far sent away 34 Alexa speakers to care homes so they can tune in to the Rock the Care home show on a Sunday morning. Find Hanley and the Baird on Facebook and give the girls a like and a follow.

The girls hope that everyone support their new song and downloads it and helps them continue the fight for a fairer music system that supports the musicians making the music and supports those trying to break into the system.

Jo Hanley photo